Does Your Tractor Hydraulic Fluid Really Meet OEM Credentials?

Low quality tractor hydraulic fluids don’t meet current OEM credentials and performance claims, but their labels say they do.

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Get Your Combine Harvest Ready

Whether you’re cutting corn, soybeans, wheat or other crops, every bushel matters when the combine hits the turn row.

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Hay conditioning can shave two to five days off drying time, helping maintain harvest cycles and ensuring top-quality hay. Here are four tips for proper conditioning. Photo: AGCO

Four Conditioning Tips for Superior Hay Quality

Proper hay conditioning is a key element in meeting crop cycle objectives. Do you know how to achieve superior conditioning results?

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Gear Up Your Grain Cart

Performing preseason maintenance on grain carts can ensure that farmers have the most efficient harvest possible.

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Tractor Life On The Funny Farm: A Cartoon Caption Contest

We draw the cartoons. You write the appropriate light-hearted captions.

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