High-quality UTTOs Protect Seals in Hard-working Tractor Engines

The most common cause of equipment failure is that moving parts are not lubricated properly, so it’s important to use high-performance Universal Tractor Transmission Oil (UTTO). Branded, top-shelf UTTOs prevent brake chatter, oxidation, contamination and rapid wear.

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Protect Grain Quality with Proper Storage

With low grain prices, it’s essential to make sure that grain retains its quality through proper handling and storage.

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This is the type of PlantBeat monitor that would be placed on a corn stalk to measure conditions as the plant matures. The new technology was unveiled for the U.S. market at InfoAg this summer, and the company will test the product in corn and soybeans in 2015.

Checking a Plant’s Pulse for Optimizing Yield

Learn about a new system that monitors plant growth rate and contractions.

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Photo Gallery: High-tech Hay Making

Today, the process of creating a quality feed source has been enhanced with machines that include on-board sensors for hay quality, management controls that provide operation information from implements in action and even remove vehicles for checking field quality.

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Tractor Life On The Funny Farm: A Cartoon Caption Contest

We draw the cartoons. You write the appropriate light-hearted captions.

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