State of Georgia becomes 2nd State to Ban 303 Fluids

Following in Missouri’s footsteps, Georgia recently announced its ban on 303 fluids. Missouri was the first state to take action against low-quality, 303 fluids being marketed as legitimated tractor hydraulic fluids. These fluids claim to meet John Deere’s...

State of Missouri Bans Sale of All “Yellow Bucket” Fluids

Effective immediately, the State of Missouri has banned all tractor hydraulic fluids labeled solely as “303.” These products, also commonly known as “yellow bucket,” are low quality yet represent a significant portion of the US tractor hydraulic fluid...

Cetane Helps Prevent Poor Engine Performance

When making a decision about which diesel fuel is best for your engines, consider the many fuel characteristics that can affect the way your engines perform. One characteristic that is commonly overlooked is cetane.

Clean Injectors Fuel Maximum Performance and Productivity

Keeping fuel injectors clean and free from harmful deposits is a critical part of equipment maintenance. Poor quality diesel fuel can cause engine injector deposit buildup that leads to poor fuel economy and engine performance.