Fuel tanks, service trucks, and heavy equipment can take a long time to heat up in the winter. A product called Powerblanket® SMART Blanket could help. Powerblanket can help you maintain a hospitable environment for gas cylinders, pipes, buckets, and more.

The covers:

  • Are available for standard and custom industrial containers.
  • Distribute heat quickly and evenly.
  • Are made of high quality and long-lasting materials.
  • Are CID2-certified for hazardous conditions.

According to the manufacturer, the Powerblanket® SMART Blanket protects by maintaining your desired temperature. It has three separate heated zones that intelligently respond to thermal feedback, keeping chemicals and other industrial materials within customer-defined temperature ranges. If the level or temperature of your product changes, the Powerblanket® SMART Blanket will automatically shut off the appropriate zone.

The Powerblanket is adjustable for product temperatures from ambient to 145 +/- 5°F; has a water-, dust-, and corrosion-resistant programmable thermostatic controller (NEMA 4X standard); and has a tough outer enclosure and adjustable straps with metal buckles.

Powerblankets® are made to cover barrels/drums, buckets, gas cylinder heaters, bulk materials pipes, and other equipment.

There are also custom solutions. According to the company, there are several factors that influence the need to seek out a custom solution:

  • The unique nature of the application
  • The design and specifications of the tank/vessel/container to be heated
  • The specifications and heating requirements of the material to be heated
  • The customer expectations relative to desired results

For more information, see the Powerblanket® website at http://www.powerblanket.com.