If your skid steer loader isn’t keeping up with the growing size of your farm, it may be time to upgrade to a new generation.

The all-new 2700V NXT2 and 3300V NXT2 vertical-lift skid steer loaders offer Tier IV-certified Yanmar 72 horsepower diesel engines, and proven engine technology to meet emissions regulations. This new generation also offers a selectable self-leveling option and upgraded cab, which maker Mustang Manufacturing says answers the demands it’s heard from large-frame skid loader users.

The rated operating capacity on the 2700V NXT2 is 2,700 pounds, and on the 3300V NXT2 is 3,300 pounds. For those operators and contractors who need large-capacity and high-loading heights, the 2700V NXT2 offers a little over 10 feet 10 inches of lift height, and the 3300V NXT2 offers over 10 feet 11 inches of lift height.

These vertical-lift skid steer loaders incorporate DPF (diesel particulate filter) technology that is environmentally sound and does not require fuel after-treatments, such as urea. With a maximum torque rating of 217 foot-pounds (294 Nm), these machines efficiently transfer engine horsepower into effective performance.

The customizable in-cab digital display provides real-time systems information on coolant, fuel, battery, environmental, engine regeneration and other components. An updated self-leveling option provides an on/off switch in the cab.

Lowered rear towers and a moveable rear support brace provide rear visibility. A side-folding restraint bar and armrests with multiple adjustments enhance operator comfort and safety. The joystick and hand/foot control towers are fully adjustable for further customization of the cab. Mechanical or air-ride suspension seat options deliver outstanding comfort.

The optional pressurized sealed cab enclosure is made with sound-reduction material and a rear-mounted air filter. It provides a climate-controlled working environment that is cleaner and quieter than standard cabs.

For more information on the 2700V NXT2 and 3300V NXT2, see the Mustang Manufacturing website.