The most common cause of equipment failure is that moving parts are not lubricated properly, so it’s important to use high-performance Universal Tractor Transmission Oil (UTTO). Branded, top-shelf UTTOs prevent brake chatter, oxidation, contamination and rapid wear. They also maximize tractor performance and uptime.

One way low-quality UTTOs hinder performance and accelerate wear is through incompatibility with synthetic rubber seals. Part of a lubricant’s job is to manage seal performance by staying neutral or causing seals to swell slightly. A lower-quality UTTO is more apt than a higher-quality UTTO to cause too much seal swell, seal shrinkage or chemical deterioration. All three hinder transmission performance.

Unfortunately, labels can be misleading on some UTTOs. They can make specification and performance claims that aren’t true because no agency double-checks them.

To help farmers find high-quality fluids, is verifying quality of brands through its Authenticated mark. These brands have earned the Authenticated mark:

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