Fall and winter bring colder temperatures to the farm. If you are using a low-quality tractor fluid, expect slower starts, choppy performance and faster wear on tractor parts.

Making sure fluid meets current equipment specifications can be difficult, though. Equipment manufacturers self-certify specifications, so there is no third party that validates certification claims on containers. Testing by Lubrizol shows just how damaging it can be to be fooled.

A tractor fluid that does not have good low-temperature performance can cause slow starts, tractor downtime and excessive wear, as well as pump failure. A low-end fluid will take longer to flow, clogging the pump and delaying adequate friction protection, so metal parts are grinding against each other longer than the manufacturer intended.

To help farmers find high-quality fluids, TractorLife.com is verifying the quality of brands through its Authenticated mark. These brands have earned the Authenticated mark:

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