Water is essential on all types of farms because all living things need it. But what happens when water gets into your tractor’s hydraulic fluid?

It creates a corrosive mixture, eroding piston shoes and other hydraulic pump components, which results in sluggish tractor performance and even pump failure. The result is less efficient farming and expensive repairs.

Farmers can protect against this by using high-performance tractor hydraulic fluids, which have a higher water tolerance than low-quality fluids. It can be difficult to ensure that the fluid you are using is high quality, though, because labels can be misleading. Farming equipment manufacturers don’t verify the labels’ claims that they meet specifications.

To help farmers stop and/or prevent water contamination by ensuring they are using high-performance fluid, TractorLife.com is verifying high-performance brands through its Authenticated mark. These brands meet OEM specifications and have earned the Authenticated mark:

See the full list of brands that have received the TractorLife.com Authenticated Mark.