Tractors are the workhorses of farm machinery, so when they break down, work doesn’t get done. They are also expensive investments that can be costly to repair and replace if not maintained properly.

Even in well-kept tractors, a hidden risk can lie in the type of Universal Tractor Transmission Oil (UTTO) used. If the fluid has a poor-quality viscosity modifier (VM) component, it will break down quickly and not flow adequately.

Fluids must flow smoothly at low temperatures, while retaining viscosity as they heat up. This is especially important in a UTTO, as changes in viscosity can lead to inconsistent performance of the hydraulics and the wet braking system. Essentially, VMs allow the hydraulic fluid to provide consistent performance across the full operating temperature range of the equipment. When equipment is being used in northern climates, it is essential that UTTOs possess good low-temperature properties, especially during winter. Poor pumpability due to low-quality VMs and lower-grade base oils can cause severe damage to tractor components under these conditions.

UTTOs make shear stability claims, but there’s no independent industry group that verifies them. That’s why using high-quality formulations is essential. Bargain-priced tractor hydraulic fluids can’t match the shear stability performance of higher-quality fluids. In fact, these fluids can cause damage to equipment that far exceeds the cost of using a premium-quality fluid.

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