Authenticated Program Requirements

  • The fluid contains an additive package that Lubrizol has formulated;
  • Lubrizol has test results demonstrating that Lubrizol’s additive package when properly blended with appropriate base oils will meet current OEM credentials;
  • The finished fluid manufacturer has been provided with information regarding the base oils and formulations covered by Lubrizol’s testing;
  • Lubrizol has not been notified of any change in formulation, base oil or blending process for the fluid.


Disclaimer: Lubrizol’s Authentication list and mark are not representations or warranties of finished fluid performance. Performance can vary depending upon use, age of equipment, maintenance and operating conditions. Lubrizol cannot guarantee how the product(s) will perform in combination with other substances.  Therefore, no representations, guarantees or warranties of any kind are made as to the suitability of this product(s) for particular applications.  Nothing contained herein is to be considered as permission, recommendation, nor as an inducement to practice any patented invention without permission of the patent owner.